Password Reset

Students and staff may recover their passwords by clicking the reset button below and then on that page click on "Need Help?"  If you are a teacher or student trying to help someone reset their password, you cannot be signed in to your RCS account for this to work as it will take you to your own account. 

Please set up recovery questions so you can access your password!

Follow these steps:


2: Sign in with your email address

3: Click your name at the top right

4: Select Update Challenge Questions

You will need to set up 4 questions

If you login and it asks you to enter your old password, choose Forgot Password. On the next screen choose Proceed Anyway and it should log on. 

Username and email:

Your username is the first 3 letters of your first name, first 3 letters of your last name, and the first 3 numbers of your student number. Then add

Email and username example:

New Students: If you are a new student to RCS you will need to use your student number followed by Wolves as your password. example 12345Wolves

You will then be prompted to change your password. 

Your student number is a 4-5 digit number located on your schedule. 

Student WiFi on a Personal Device:

Choose Student Authenticated under wifi. Sign in using your email login info. Instead of username it will say identity with is the same as username.

Frozen screen:

Try shutting the Chromebook off and turning it back on. Press down on the ON button until the device shuts off.